Proposed Honduran Dam Would Displace 20,000

A controversial 1.5-billion dollar hydroelectric mega-dam on a river bordering Honduras and El Salvador could cause massive flooding, lead to the displacement of 20,000 people and lead to food insecurity.  

The project began three weeks ago with little consultation and participation by affected communities.

Víctor Rivera, a member of the Council, told Inter Press Service construction of the El Tigre dam would violate the human rights of Hondurans and Salvadorans alike.  

In May, Reporters Without Borders reported about the use of threats and violence against radio journalist Octavio Carvajal, who has critically covered the project from Honduras.

According to the Committee for Free Expression (Comité por la Libre Expresión, C-Libre), Carvajal was attacked outside of his home by Marcelo Chimirri, vice-director of the state telephone company Hondutel, who was accompanied by two bodyguards.  

Carvajal says that Chimirri told him to "shut up. What is your problem with me? I’m not threatening you because I am not a man of threats; I act and do what has to be done. In addition, it was reported that the President’s office called, advising Carvajal to "moderate his tone."