WikiLeaks Cables of Interest on Latin America, Released May 23 – June 5, 2011


List of early mover textile companies that took advantage of DR-CAFTA in El Salvador #cablegate

Saca’s El Salvador a beacon of pro-Americanism in a region vulnerable to pressures contrary to US interests #cablegate

Saca, ex-prez of El Salvador: George W. Bush was a “masterful politician” #cablegate


Cable outlines elite concerns over informal trade in Guatamala #cablegate


 ’06 discussion between USG & Dominican Foreign Minister on return of Duvalier and Arisitde #cablegate

Preval walks a fine line between Venezuela & the US #cablegate #Haiti

USG, ’09: “Managing Preval will remain challenging… yet doing so is key to our success…” #cablegate #Haiti


If you read one cable this week, make it this one: Who’s who of the Honduran coup. Fascinating. #cablegate

The USG has “always valued Honduras as a democratic ally”? Even during decades of military rule? #cablegate

USG casts doubt on validity of Zelaya resignation letter, skew #s at pro & anti coup demos #cablegate

Zelaya’s youngest son stayed at US Ambassador to Honduras’ residence immediately following coup #cablegate

USG: Honduran Private Enterprise Council planned pro-coup demos #cablegate

Cable confirms that the Honduran elite is more reactionary than the USG. #cablegate

First US cable on June 28 coup in Honduras doesn’t use the word “coup” at all #cablegate

Cable from 18/06/09 has head of Honduran military assuring USG that coup rumors were but private threats #cablegate


USG: Jamaican mining minister James Robertson “involved in unspecified criminal activity” according to UK #cablegate

2007 cable indicates US willing to enhance engagement if now-prez Golding were to come to power in Jamaica #cablegate

Jamaica PM accuses USG of using IMF loan conditions to pressure for high profile extradition #cablegate

Fascinating cable links IMF conditions with GoJ’s hesitance in extraditing Coke from Jamaica

Cable clearly indicates gov’t of Jamaica & USG knew extradition of Coke would cause unrest #cablegate

Cable outlines US strategy in Jamaica in lead up to 2006 elections #cablegate


USG: Analysts and PRI insiders say Peña Nieto paying media & pollsters under the table for favorable results #cablegate

Peña Nieto advisors “understand what the USG likes to hear on investment, immigration, and security matters” #cablegate

USG: Peña Nieto, godson of Salinas, “is not known for transparancy when it comes to his friends and allies” #cablegate

1.9m people going hungry in Edomex, 3.1m can’t access education, 6.9m lack other fundamentals #cablegate

Edomex security agency (ASE) receives assistance from Germany Israel, Colombia, Spain, Chile & France #cablegate

Peña Nieto’s daughter attended the Overbrook Academy in Rhode Island #cablegate

PRI President Beatriz Paredes can “appreciate domestic U.S. sensitivities in treating the gun control issue” #cablegate

USG: PRI can’t define a “social democratic vision” & don’t include young people in party activities #Mexico #cablegate

Monogrammed elections souvenirs higher on the page than election day shooting by PRI activists in Edomex #cablegate

USG asks Mexico to expand deportation prgm to “illegal travellers… [incl] aged, infirm, & incapacitated” #cablegate

’07 cable shows US fixation on “securing” Mexico’s southern border #cablegate

USG asks Mexico to require a visa of Venezuelans #cablegate

Mexican AG suggests USG focus on Peten, Guatemala re: drug trafficking #cablegate

Meth precursor chemicals arrive in Manzanillo, Mexico, from Hong Kong via Long Beach, California? Yup… #cablegate


’06 cable an accidental indictment of “democracy promotion,” mentions IRI, IFES, NDI, USAID roles #cablegate#Nicaragua

Canadians floated to work on democracy promotion where UNDP & IFES failed #cablegate #Nicaragua

A key message of the US Ambassador to Nicaragua: “it is unclear whether the FSLN is democratic” #cablegate

USG & IRI coached ALN (anti-Sandinista) presidential candidate on campaigning #cablegate #Nicaragua

Nicaraguan evangelical ass’n timed support for neoliberal prez candidate on advice from his campaign team #cablegate

Damn, the mayor of Managua was paid $10,000 a month in 1997. #cablegate

USG, ’06: Gov’t officials “appear resigned to Ortega’s victory.” Yea, because he won. #cablegate #wtf

Hard to believe the USG was so adamant vs Ortega, who signed the Chamber of Commerce’s 10 point agreement #cablegate

Seriously, the Nicaragua cables are just depressing. Mr. X will be president unless Mr. Y uses fraud, etc. #cablegate

Evangelical hints his people should be able to smuggle stuff through airports, just like the Catholics #cablegate #Nica

Only 2% of evangelicals in Nicaragua are FSLN, says head pastor #cablegate

Nicaraguan Liberals overt about using “civil society” as a way of controlling Ortega #cablegate

US embassy intern gets hit on while “observing” elections in rural Nicaragua #cablegate

Creative uses for Virgin Mary statues in Managua #cablegate

USG asked Switzerland to freeze all non-humanitarian assistance to Nicaragua following 2008 muni elections #cablegate

US reaction to assassination attempt on Sandinista AG focuses on how FSLN will use it to their advantage #cablegate

Cable shows worry at new Ortega guidelines limiting politicking by NGOs (as if US is any better) #cablegate

Ortega compared Obama to Regan, USG seems to interpret that as an insult #cablegate

Nicaraguan supreme court justice blames USG after getting pelted with eggs #cablegate

ALBA cash from Chavez possible impetus for increased sales at WalMart in Nicaragua #cablegate #sigh


Ten pages of Panama cables. For the record I didn’t get through them all.

USG: Panama’s Martinelli has a “lack of commitment to ‘rule of law'” #cablegate

USG: There is no doubt from our perspective that Roberto Micheletti’s assumption of power was illegitimate #cablegate

A tax haven where you can buy citizenship, and they don’t extradite citizens to the US? Hello Panama! #cablegate

Panama a study in boom and bust of privatization driven FDI #cablegate

Juicy list exemplifies the kinds of cases the Supreme Court of Panama adjudicates #cablegate

Huh. Panama’s constitution prohibits extradition of Panamanian citizens #cablegate

Local business elite worried Panamanians cannot “live in Switzerland and Haiti at the same time” #cablegate

USG: Panama “anchors an evolving North American security community” #cablegate

USG concerned by presence of 10 Bolivarian circles in Pamana #cablegate

Panama does not want road thru Darien Gap #cablegate

Cable on protest against banana company’s electrical service in Panama could have been written by Fox News #cablegate

Transferring detainees from Panama to US prisons is done so as to save taxpayer money #cablegate #trustus

Gov’t of Panama unwilling to be more pro-Israel for fear of terrorist attack #cablegate

Colombians pushing idea of a road thru Darien region of Panama #cablegate

Panama arrested and deported 29 sex workers in April ’04, USG sez GOP “tough on prostitution” #cablegate

Cable demonstrates just how tiny Panama’s elite is

Panama ex-prez/candidate Endara to USG ’04: If I’m elected, civilian CIA can write our nat’l security plan #cablegate

Former Panama Prez Torrijos “only held one job in his life, managing a McDonald’s in Chicago 1988-92” #cablegate


Lugo understands that the way into the USG’s heart is through asking for help in the drug war #cablegate

Lugo: “If (the prosecutors) were any good, more people would be in jail.” #cablegate #Paraguay

Paraguay’s Lugo tells USG he doesn’t trust his inner circle and wants to keep meeting discreetly #cablegate


National treatment for foreign investors is guaranteed in Peru’s 1993 Constitution #cablegate #sigh

Cable documents meeting btween USG & 48 cocaleros in Peru #cablegate

USG designated Peru as “high threat for indigenous terrorism, medium threat for transnational terrorism” #cablegate

USG celebrates Peru’s ’07 attack on teachers, similar to WB de-centralization taking place in Honduras today #cablegate

USG, ’05: “Alberto Fujimori seems determined to make history repeat itself.” #cablegate

Peru makes “political” decision to keep troops in Haiti, conditions increase in troops on receiving more $ #cablegate

Breakdown of $57m ’05 NAS anti-drug spending in Peru, largest line items police & police airplanes #cablegate

Cable on pro-Chavez publication in Peru notes that James Petras is on the masthead, and paper quality is low #cablegate

USG let EU know that they have every right to “[chase] peasants around” through crop eradication in Peru #cablegate

Cable (one of a bunch) showing US diplomats at work in Peru to push US agenda at the UN #cablegate

Oh, and next time you’re in Peru, skip the slot machines #cablegate

Peru gaming sector “wide open to money launderers, drug traffickers, and counterfeiters” #cablegate

USG linked pilot project promotes exports of scented oils, scallops, alpaca fiber, shells & crabs from Peru #cablegate

Again, USG sees hip hop as a way of promoting US culture and enhancing rel’ns, this time in Peru #cablegate

Cable demonstrates US surveillance of Gov’t of Venezuela sponsored event in Peru #cablegate

Manual eradication of coca plants in Peru deemed “too conflictive” to undertake in lead up to 2005 elections #cablegate

Cocaine lab workers in Peru read about Osama Bin Laden too: “Islamic leader or Cruel terrorist?” #cablegate


Cable shows USG perceptions of Uruguay ex-Prez Vazquez and now-Prez Mujica #cablegate

USG facilitates Uruguayan participation in Conference of Central American Armed Forces #cablegate

Controversial Spanish owned cellulose plant on Uruguay-Argentina border subsidizes salaries of 50 cops #cablegate


Cable documents “potentially explosive” suggestion of US military intervention in Venezuela #cablegate