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Free Press Under Attack in Honduras

November 21, 2007 Kari Lydersen 0

Police Outside Radio

As Carlos Salgado walked out of the Radio Cadena Voces station in Tegucigalpa around 4 p.m. on Oct. 18, two gunmen fired seven shots at him and killed him instantly. The murder of the 67-year-old creator of the popular satirical program “Frijol, El Terible” is being seen across Honduras as the latest example of brutal repression of journalists by the administration of president Manuel Zelaya Rosales. […]

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Ecuador: No Dial Tone, No Contract

November 21, 2007 Kintto Lucas 0

(IPS) – The possible cancellation of the mobile telephone operating licence granted by Ecuador to Porta Celular, a company indirectly owned by Mexican multi-millionaire Carlos Slim, could set a precedent in Latin America. Ecuadorean President […]

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Swedish Construction as Sexism in Ecuador

November 21, 2007 Hanna Dahlstrom 0

Brothel along Amazon pipeline

On the road between the two oil towns Lago Agrio and Coca the brothels are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The women along the road are waiting for the oil workers. Many of them come from the Ecuadorian coastal region or are refugees from the conflict-ridden Colombia. […]

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Chile: Indigenous Group Besieged By Salmon Industry

November 19, 2007 Benjamin Witte 0

Fransisco Vera

Fighting for years to preserve the last, tiny plot of land it has left following years of state and more recently industrial encroachment, a small Mapuche-Huilliche indigenous community near Puerto Montt, Region X is now resting all of its hopes on a group of strangers in far-away Washington, DC. […]

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