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Video: U.S. System of Deportation Inhumane

May 28, 2008 Real News Network 0

Each day, over 30,000 people are housed within detention centers across the United States. The New York-based Detention Watch Network says that last year, over 276,000 immigrants were deported. The Real News Network offers timely analysis on US immigrant detention and deportation procedures that are violating the human rights of immigrants.

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Stalemate in Bolivia?

May 28, 2008 Basil Mahayni 0

Racist Graffiti

What is startling  is the approach many Bolivians use to blame Morales and MAS for the nation’s problems. My colleagues frequently speculate on whether or not their fellow Bolivians are masistasThe term masista is often thrown around as an insult, along with campesino, indio, and Evo, by the few that comprise the middle and upper classes. It is clear that Bolivia continues its battles with racism despite multi-cultural reforms within the past few years that seek to rectify the years of discrimination towards campesinos and indigenous peoples. […]

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