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Refugees in Ecuador: Putting Post-Neoliberalism to the Test

October 15, 2008 Stuart Schussler 0

Street Vendor in Ecuador

At an estimated 250,000, there are currently more refugees in Ecuador than in any other Latin American country. They don’t live in far-removed camps, but instead struggle to survive in Ecuador’s informal urban economies, largely because the Ecuadorian government denies the majority of asylum requests. […]

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History Repeats Itself For Indigenous Communities in Colombia

October 14, 2008 Mario A. Murillo 0

Bogotá, Colombia—As I write this, over 12,000 indigenous activists and representatives of other popular and social sectors of southern Colombia are urgently congregating in the "Territory of Peace and Coexistence" in La Maria Piendamó, in Cauca, confronting a massive presence of state security forces who have been ordered to dislodge them.

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Guatemala: Americas Social Forum Rejects Neoliberalism, Celebrates Resistance

October 14, 2008 Marc Becker 0

Each social forum assumes its own character, and Jorge Coronado of the Hemispheric Commission from the Americas Social Forum, identified the Guatemala meeting as "the forum of resistance of the continental people’s movement." Coronado observed that participants debated "some of the most pressing issues that face social movement struggles: free trade agreements, neoliberalism, and the issue of mining, which affects rural and indigenous communities." […]

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