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Events Commemorate 40th Anniversary of Brazil’s ‘Coup Within the Coup D’etat’

The demonstrators dressed in brightly colored outfits sang their song of protest proudly, but it was really only symbolic. Shock troops moved in waving their batons, and beating with impunity. They rounded up the dissidents and carried them off to be disposed of. In real life a few decades ago, they would have been brought in to the basement or back room of Brazil’s Federal Police Department. […]

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Colombia: Social Conflict Replaces Warfare

December 10, 2008 Raúl Zibechi 0

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Social conflict has overtaken the center of the political stage, displacing President Alvaro Uribe, who merely repeats the script that brought him so much success in the war: the Indians, sugarcane workers, teachers, government workers, truckers, and anyone else who protests and mobilizes is being manipulated by the FARC guerrillas. […]

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