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El Salvador: Voting in Rebel Territory

March 18, 2009 Marc Becker 0

Voting at table 4

Morning always comes early in the country side, but on Sunday, March 15, it comes even earlier to Arcatao. Poll workers are to show up at to begin their work, but by FMLN militants are already present at the municipal building on the square. Polls are not supposed to open until , but local activists are so eager for the outcome of these historic elections that voting begins 15 minutes early. […]

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Decolonization’s Rocky Road: Corruption, Expropriation and Justice in Bolivia

March 14, 2009 Benjamin Dangl 0

After the nationalist confetti of the January 25th constitutional referendum blew away, and the busted water balloons and foam of Carnival washed down the streets with the rain, political scandals filled the Bolivian airwaves. Recent cases of corruption, shaky relations with Washington and political unrest show that the road to the December general elections is likely to be a rocky one. […]

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Fooled Again? Salvadorans Face Republican Remittance Threats à la 2004

March 13, 2009 Jason Wallach 0

The role of US involvement in the Salvadoran election was ratcheted up a notch yesterday when right-wing US Congressmen threatened the Salvadoran electorate with political repercussions if the country elects Mauricio Funes in this Sunday’s Presidential election. In a move reminiscent of previous Salvadoran elections, Indiana Republican Dan Burton said, “Those monies that are coming from here to there I am confident will be cut, and I hope the people of El Salvador are aware of that because it will have a tremendous impact on individuals and their economy.”

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