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Mining Co. Bailout Eclipses Environmental Disaster in Peru

April 13, 2009 Milagros Salazar 0

(IPS)The Peruvian government refused to bail out the U.S. mining and metallurgical company Doe Run, which has caused severe pollution in the highlands city of La Oroya, from its severe financial troubles, but private banks did. An economic solution thus prevailed over the urgent need to protect the health of residents of La Oroya, who have no choice but to continue breathing the toxic fumes of the company’s large multi-metal smelter. […]

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Interview with Brazilian Squatter Activist Nete Araujo

April 9, 2009 Rowenna Davis 0

Nete Araujo

Nete Araujo is no conventional grandma. At just 34 years old, she wears sweetheart purple nail varnish and bright white trainers. And instead of spending her days making tea and handing out cake, this nana chooses to pass the time occupying abandoned buildings in São Paulo. […]

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Scorched Earth: The Rio Negro Massacre at Pak’oxom, Guatemala

April 8, 2009 James Rodríguez 0

In 1976, a former President of Guatemala signed the first loan accord with the Inter-American Development Bank for the construction of the Pueblo Viejo-Quixal hydroelectric plant. The project included the “flooding of the Chixoy River basin and much of its valley, forcibly disappear[ing] 23 villages, 45 archaeological sites, numerous crop areas and natural resources.” […]

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