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Obama Stays the Course in Latin America

July 28, 2009 Cyril Mychalejko 0

On June 23 while hosting Chilean President Michelle Bachelet, President Barack Obama was asked by a Chilean journalist whether he would apologize for Washington’s role in that country’s 1973 military coup which overthrew the democratically elected government and replaced it with a dictatorship led by General Augusto Pinochet. […]

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Dissecting Utopia: New Book Assesses Latin American Left

July 27, 2009 Benjamin Dangl 0

The conflict in Honduras has been an ongoing challenge for governments across the political spectrum in Latin America. In the years leading up to this tense and decisive event a number of leaders and social movements have pushed the region to the left. It is this regional shift that is the focus of The New Latin American Left: Utopia Reborn. […]

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Damming Magdalena: Emgesa Threatens Colombian Communities

July 22, 2009 Jonathan Luna 0

A small path descends from the town of La Jagua, crossing a field and forest until it ends at a cliff overlooking the Magdalena River. Pairs of buff-necked ibis take flight announcing their local name, “cocli cocli.” Above the beach where children swim, the rock is carved by erosion and dotted with small holes occupied by birds. The landscape is dotted, too, every 100 meters, with concrete markers declaring the land, river, and everything else a “public utility” that Colombia has given to the energy company Emgesa as part of the Quimbo Hydroelectric Project. […]

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