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Recent Killings Linked to Canadian-owned Nickel Mine in Guatemala

September 30, 2009 Dawn Paley 0

Two Qeqchi leaders were shot and killed and over a dozen wounded this week near the site of a shuttered nickel mine in Guatemala. The first shooting took place on Sunday, September 27 on land claimed by the community of Las Nubes, which Compañia Guatemalteca de Niquel (CGN), a subsidiary of Manitoba’s HudBay Minerals, also claims to own. […]

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Ecuadorians Protest New Water Law

September 29, 2009 Jennifer Moore 0

“We’re crazy for water,” chanted about a thousand campesinos as they marched through the streets of downtown Cuenca in southern Ecuador on Monday. The march, called for by the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (CONAIE), was part of a nation-wide mobilization against a new water law. […]

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Live from Honduras: An Interview with Berta Caceres

September 28, 2009 Beverly Bell/Bertha Caceres 0

"The people of Honduras and the popular movement have suffered a big blow at the hands of what we are calling a dictatorship, and which has been a criminal and repressive violation of human rights." Berta Cáceres, a leader with COPINH, the Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras. COPINH is a leading organization in the National Front Against the Coup in Honduras. Berta has been around for years in the campesino struggle for land rights, but says that in responding to the repressive conditions imposed by the coup government, struggle in Honduras has been elevated to a new level. […]

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Honduras: Lawyers Question Basis of Zelaya Ouster

September 25, 2009 Jennifer Moore 0

A preliminary report drafted  by members of the American Association of Jurists, the National Lawyers Guild, the International Association of Democratic Lawyers and the International Association against Torture affirms that the overthrow and kidnapping of President Manuel Zelaya was in fact a military coup. The report considers the lack of an independent judiciary in Honduras as part of the context in which this occurred and points to powerful economic and political groups opposed to social advances being made by Zelaya as the driving force behind the coup. […]

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