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Beyond the Votes in Bolivia: A Reflection on Evo Morales’ First Term

November 19, 2009 Ashwini Srinivasamohan 0

Evo Morales

The history of popular struggle in Bolivia took an unexpected turn when Evo Morales, the candidate of the socialist party (MAS), was elected into office on December 18 2005 as the first indigenous president that the nation, with a majority indigenous population, had seen. Morales, a former union leader for cocaleros – farmers of the coca crop – rose to power on the platform of change. […]

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Guatemala: Beneath the Rock and the Storm – Photo Essay

November 19, 2009 James Rodriguez 0

The dense humidity accumulated by violent Pacific currents, crashes brutally against the peaks of the Panimaquín range along the departments of Sololá and Quetzaltenango. Here, generation after generation, day after day, life goes on amidst the clouds. On October 2005, however, nature roared fiercely and the villagers had no choice but to abandon their ancestral lands.


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A New United Movement Stops Mexico for a Day

November 16, 2009 Tamara Pearson 0

The recent financial crisis has only intensified the already acute post-NAFTA woes of Mexican workers. Last month, the government’s firing of 44,000 electricity workers, members of the county’s most combative and independent union, SME (Mexican Electrical Union), became catalyst for a movement of people deeply angry at both an unfair economic system, and towards a president who, most studies admit, used fraud to win the elections in 2006.


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From Chile to Guatemala: A Gringo in Latin America

November 16, 2009 Benjamin Dangl 0

In Gringo: A Coming-of-Age in Latin America, Chesa Boudin writes of sleeping in a hammock on his way up the Amazon River on a 200 foot boat, working as a translator in Hugo Chavez’s presidential palace, witnessing the rise of President Lula in Brazil and traveling through Argentina during the country’s economic crisis. His reflections and reportage on such experiences provide an exciting road trip through pivotal moments in Latin America’s recent history. […]

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