Profiting From Haiti’s Crisis

January 18, 2010 Benjamin Dangl 0

US corporations, private mercenaries, Washington and the International Monetary Fund are using the crisis in Haiti to make a profit, promote unpopular neoliberal policies, and extend military and economic control over the Haitian people.



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Canada, Honduras and the Coup d’Etat

January 18, 2010 Dawn Paley 0

Source: The Dominion SAN PEDRO SULA, Honduras—Last summer’s coup in Honduras put the small, Central American country perhaps best known as the original banana republic, back on the map. In the months since President Mel […]

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Guatemala: Naming the “Disappeared”

January 18, 2010 Danilo Valladares 0

(IPS)-Through the “My Name Is Not XX” campaign, the Guatemalan Forensic Anthropology Foundation is working to identify the remains of thousands of victims who were forcibly disappeared during the country’s 1960-1996 armed conflict, by inviting […]

Brazil’s World Cup Development Debacle

January 14, 2010 Michael Fox 0

The 2010 World Cup will kick off in South Africa this June, but Maureen Msisi, of the Landless People’s Movement wants to know “who this development [is] really going to benefit? Not … the people that most need it,” she says. Activists across the Atlantic in Brazil are saying the same thing, throwing into question a development model that has accompanied massive international events such as the World Cup and the Olympics for nearly two decades.


Dora Alicia

El Salvador: Fallen Anti-Mining Activists Honored with Vigil

January 14, 2010 Geovani Montalvo 0

Last week, family and friends of environmentalists killed in the town of San Isidro, Cabañas, gathered in solidarity with their fallen loved ones at a public ecumenical and artistic commemoration. Those gathered attributed the recent assassinations of three environmental activists to a generalized repression targeted at those opposed to the re-opening of the “El Dorado” gold mine by the Vancouver, BC-based Pacific Rim Mining Corporation. The company has denied any role in the murders. (Special feature: recent video of anti-mining activities below.)


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