Interview: Climate Justice Organizing in Mexico

March 31, 2010 Dawn Paley 0

This November, Mexico will play host to the follow up to the Copenhagen climate talks. Activists around the country are already preparing for the 16th Conference of Parties summit, which will take place in Cancun. I spoke with Gustavo Castro Soto, an activist, agitator and organizer based in San Cristobal de Las Casas, Chiapas.


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Mexico: Coalition Takes on the PRI in Oaxaca’s Crucial 2010 Elections

March 30, 2010 Nancy Davies 0

As Mexico continues to be plagued by organized crime, governmental corruption and high unemployment, citizens look forward to the 2012 presidential elections. Due to it’s position as a recipient of  federal funds never accounted for, but assumed diverted to the governor’s pocket, the poor state of Oaxaca emerges in a position to have a powerful financial effect on deciding who will be Mexico’s next president.


Photo from Telesur

The Land Lugo Promised: Paraguayan Farmers Mobilize for Agrarian Reform

March 28, 2010 Benjamin Dangl 0

Thousands of Paraguayan farmers raised their clubs, fists and placards into the air while marching through the streets of Asunción, the capital city, on Thursday, March 25. The farmers demanded that President Fernando Lugo follow through on his campaign promises for agrarian reform. After a year and a half in office, Lugo’s failures to meet such demands have led various farmer organizations to directly oppose his administration.


Free Trade Undermining Rights in Peru

March 25, 2010 Milagros Salazar 0

Peru is enthusiastically espousing free trade, and has signed six tariff-lowering agreements in the space of a year. But it has not matched them with the internal policies needed to reduce their impact on labour rights, the environment, and sensitive areas like agriculture, social organisations and experts say. […]

Chile’s Billionaire President Piñera Gets a Raise

March 24, 2010 Benjamin Witte-Lebhar 0

Chile’s billion dollar man, Sebastian Piñera, has a US$30 billion dollar problem on his hands. That’s the estimated price tag of damage caused by last month’s monster 8.8-magnitude earthquake.  Fortunately for Piñera, economic hard times and government cuts to fund reconstruction won’t effect his salary: this billionaire president just got a raise.


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