Argentina’s Bicentennial: Indigenous Tell Another History

Argentina celebrates the bicentennial of a revolution that paved the road to independence from Spain with the nation’s capital transformed into a gala event. But not everyone is celebrating. The nation’s indigenous people are calling attention to a legacy of invasion and displacement that continues to this day. As bicentennial events commenced, indigenous groups led a caravan to the nation’s capital to demand recognition of their sovereign culture and plurality, in one of the largest indigenous demonstrations in Argentina’s history.


Mexico: Another Triqui leader Slain in Oaxaca

May 26, 2010 Nancy Davies 0

Less than a month after the deaths of two activists in the ambush of a humanitarian caravan headed  to San Juan Copala, an armed group assassinated the indigenous leader Timoteo Alejandro Ramirez, a member of the  Movimiento de Unificación y Lucha Triqui-Independiente (MULT-I) and a founder of the autonomous community now under siege.  The armed group entered the home of Ramirez in the community of Yosoyuxi, which has been giving shelter to those who fled San Juan Copala.  The shooters also murdered Ramirez’  wife.



The Circle Opens Out: New Evidence on Criminality in Colombian Regime

May 25, 2010 Manuel Rozental 0

The circle is closing on the Presidential Palace in Colombia, where the headquarters of a “criminal enterprise” involving Colombia’s secret services (DAS), function under the direct orders of President Alvaro Uribe and his advisors. This latest report provides evidence, not only of involvement, but direction, orders and full control from the Presidential Palace and the President’s closest friends and advisors of illegal and criminal operations. TThe testimonies and documents provided and exposed in this report (and added to the already abundant existing proof) are conclusive.



Bolivia and its Lithium: Can the ‘Gold of the 21st Century’ Lift a Nation out of Poverty?

With more than half the planet’s known lithium reserves, Bolivia may hold the keys to the future of the electric car, and just at a time when its President has declared that the nation, not foreign corporations, will control that development and make the profits. But obviously, it is a story far more complicated than that. There are serious environmental questions, significant uncertainties about the future demand for lithium, and doubts about Bolivia’s capacities to pull off such an ambitious project.


Bolivia: Elections Deepen Local Democracy

May 25, 2010 Emily Achtenberg 0

While the results of Bolivia’s April 4 regional and local elections are now officially certified, their significance—who really won and lost—continues to be debated. For President Evo Morales, the vote confirms the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) party as the sole political force with strong support throughout the nation. For re-elected Santa Cruz governor Rubén Costas, leader of the regionally-based conservative opposition, his victory means that “the forces of democracy have defeated tyranny.”


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