Canadian Mining Crimes in Mexico

Mexican activists are poised for an International Day of Action against Open Pit Mining on Thursday, July 22. A major focus will be New Gold’s mine in Cerro de San Pedro, in San Luis Potosi. In April, Juan Carlos Ruiz Guadalajara, a professor and historian from San Luis Potosi, Mexico, visited Canada to speak with Canadian officials and the public on the adverse and illegal actions Canadian company New Gold has had in his area.


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Honduras, Iran, and the Propaganda Model

July 20, 2010 Kevin Young 0

The most elementary facts are irrelevant unless they support the preordained narratives Source: Znet Based on a presentation delivered May 1st at the Unitarian Universalist congregation in Arlington, VA. Overt breaches of electoral democracy occurred […]

The Soon-to-be Life and Death Story of the Mexican Electricians’ Union’s Fight for Survival

July 20, 2010 Daniel McCool 0

As of this writing, the hunger strikers camped out in Mexico City’s main plaza are up to Day 86 of their protest, and deteriorating health has led many of them to abandon the encampment. With little sign the government is interested in negotiating, it remains to be seen if the hunger strikers will get any resolution of their demands, or if one or more of them will die in their frustrated efforts.


Bolivia and Ecuador: The State against the Indigenous People

It seems the presidents of both countries have neglected to realize that they are using the same arguments as their enemies when they accuse social movements of being part of the “international communist subversion” or of being financed by “Moscow gold”. They’re making two mistakes in one: believing that the indigenous can be manipulated, and believing that the manipulation comes from outside the country. It isn’t surprising that the indigenous have interpreted the statements of their presidents as insults meant to distract attention from real problems.


Dispersing Power: New Book on Bolivian Social Movements

July 17, 2010 Benjamin Dangl 0

Dispersing Power: Social Movements as Anti-State Forces by Raúl Zibechi offers an exciting account of why social movements in Bolivia are so resilient and powerful, making the publication of this book timely; it focuses on the most vibrant social movements that preceded the election of one of the most dynamic and intriguing presidents among the region’s new left.


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