Paraguay: Americas Social Forum Continues Struggle to Dismantle Neoliberalism

August 17, 2010 Marc Becker 0

“Our America is on the march,” Paraguay president Fernando Lugo proclaimed at the close of the Fourth Americas Social Forum (ASF) that met in Asunción, Paraguay from August 11-15, 2010. America is on the march, Lugo repeated, but we have not yet arrived at our desired destination. We have a lot of work left to do, and the Americas Social Forum is one of the torches that lights our path forward.


Arming Aid: Costa Rica, the US Military and the Ongoing “War” on Drugs

August 17, 2010 Jamie Way 0

The US will begin sending warships to Costa Rica as early as August 20 despite the fact that the Costa Rican Supreme Court agreed to hear a case challenging its constitutionality. The court will hear the challenge to the Costa Rican legislative assembly’s decision to permit the US to move 46 warships (with the capacity to carry 7,000 troops and 200 helicopters) into Costa Rican territory.


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Open Letter to French President Nicolas Sarkozy

August 16, 2010 Many 0

In an open letter published today in the French national newspaper Libération, more than 90 leading academics, authors and other prominent figures from around the world are publicly calling on the French government to reimburse […]

The Rebellion in Potosí: Uneven Development, Neoliberal Continuities, and a Revolt Against Poverty in Bolivia

August 16, 2010 Jeffery R. Webber 0

In a recent interview, after praising the government’s respect for human dignity, responsible development, and Mother Earth, Vergara Garinca was asked about the economy under Morales: “Bolivia has grown economically at a rate of approximately 4 percent [under Morales]; however, in spite of the fact that many say that this growth has brought big economic benefits for Tarija [a hydrocarbons-rich department in the eastern lowlands], these aren’t being felt by the people, because they have been concentrated in a few hands, and have never reached the general population.”


Venezuelans Experiment With Participatory Democracy

August 16, 2010 Andrew Kennis 0

Selling goods to passersby on the street, Jenny Caraballo describes her local communal council. “Some of our members are homemakers who want their community to be pretty,” Caraballo says while trying to make eye contact with potential clients in 23 de Enero, a barrio popular that is one of many rough areas in Caracas, Venezuela. […]

Social Tensions Erupt in Bolivia

August 15, 2010 Federico Fuentes 0
Recent scenes of roadblocks, strikes and even the dynamiting of a vice-minister’s home in the Bolivian department of Potosi, reminiscent of the days of previous neoliberal governments, have left many asking themselves what is really going on in the “new” Bolivia of indigenous President Evo Morales.

Support Upside Down World: Contribute to Our Summer Fund Drive

August 14, 2010 Upside Down World 0

It has been a great year so far for independent reporting on Latin America here at Upside Down World. Over the recent months we have provided exclusive reports and analysis on the new wave of violence in Oaxaca, conflicts over resources in Ecuador, ongoing struggles in post-earthquake Haiti and more. In order to keep publishing on these and other important issues, we need your help! Seven years after we started publishing, we remain 100% reader-funded, and Upside Down World won’t be able to continue without your financial support.


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