Ecuador: Small-Scale Miners Questioning Large-Scale Interests in Southern Amazon

September 22, 2010 Jennifer Moore 0

Only days after small-scale and artisanal miners pronounced themselves in favor of land use planning and against large scale mining in Ecuador’s southern Amazon, a heavy deployment of police and military was ordered to evict a group of these miners for alleged environmental damages. Approximately 1,500 police and military officers took part in the September 15 operation, or roughly one officer for every resident of the small county of Paquisha in the province of Zamora Chinchipe, where confrontations took place.  


At the Roots of Mapuche Resistance

September 20, 2010 Dawn Paley 0

A backgrounder on the situation facing Mapuche people in Chile and a look at Canada’s role   Source: The Media Co-op More than 34 Mapuche political prisoners in Chile have entered into day 69 of […]

Silent Coup in Haiti

September 20, 2010 Darren Ell 0
Once again, the people of Haiti are being denied the government of their choosing. While mainstream media has focused public attention on ineligible candidates such as hip-hop artist Wyclef Jean, the most popular political party in Haiti, Fanmi Lavalas, has been banned from the November 28, 2010, Presidential and Parliamentary elections. To discuss the the country’s crisis of democracy, Darren Ell spoke with some key experts and organizers on the ground in Haiti and abroad.

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A Plan Colombia for Mexico

September 17, 2010 Laura Carlsen 0

Source: Americas Program Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stated Wednesday that Mexico and Central America were facing an “insurgency” that requires the equivalent of a Plan Colombia in the region. Her comments immediately raised the […]

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