Ecuador: Police Mutiny Threatens Democracy

October 1, 2010 Gonzalo Ortiz 0

With the backing of large crowds of supporters in the streets and of statements from presidents throughout Latin America, the Ecuadorian government of Rafael Correa is attempting to quell a riot by hundreds of police protesting a cut in their benefits which has thrown the country into chaos. […]

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Coup Attempt in Ecuador: Take Action

October 1, 2010 Various Authors 0

Ecuador Solidarity Network: Attempted coup d’etat in Ecuador. Take Action. Following a coordinated protest by police across Ecuador earlier today, President Rafael Correa remains sequestered in the police hospital in the capital city of Ecuador. […]

CONAIE on the Attempted Coup in Ecuador

October 1, 2010 CONAIE 0

A process of change, as weak as it may be, runs the risk of being overturned or overtaken by the right, old or new, if it does not establish alliances with organized social and popular sectors, and deepen progressively. The insubordination of the police, beyond their immediate demands, lays bare at least four substantial things.


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