Activists Prepare for Climate Change Summit in Cancun

November 16, 2010 Dawn Paley 0

Weeks away from the COP-16 summit on climate change in Cancún, activist networks across Mexico are busying themselves with plans to welcome at least 10,000 people to the biggest climate event of the year. The primary coalition building towards the United Nations Climate Summit is called the Climate Dialogue, who is working together with Espacio Mexico, and whose endorsers range from Jubilee South to JustSeeds Artists Co-operative, from Friends of the Earth to Mexico’s National Electricians Union.

Environmental Resistance in the Uruguay River

November 16, 2010 Raúl Zibechi 0
When the environmental assembly of Gualeguaychú decided to lift the three-year blockade of the bridge that unites Uruguay and Argentina, a new stage of environmental social action began. Although resistance to the pulp mill continues, a new set of environmental problems affecting the people of the Uruguay River is beginning to appear on the horizon.

Coup University: SOUTHCOM and FIU Team Up on Counterinsurgency

November 10, 2010 Adrienne Pine 0

As it has done with great success throughout the past century, the U.S. military continues to find ways to use the academy and anthropological concepts to whitewash its imperialist actions in the service of U.S. corporate profits. The U.S. Military’s Southern Command (SOUTHCOM), the Pentagon’s arm in Latin America and responsible for all U.S. bases the region, and Florida International University (FIU) have partnered in the creation of a so-called “Strategic Culture” Initiative, a center that hosts workshops and issues reports on the “strategic culture” of different Latin American countries.


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