WikiLeaks: Peruvian Army Connected to Drug Trafficking

December 16, 2010 InSight 0
A March 2009 U.S. diplomatic cable from Lima written by then U.S. Ambassador to Peru, P. Michael McKinley, to Washington D.C. and released by the WikiLeaks whistle-blower website, chronicles a long history of Peruvian military involvement in drug trafficking in the Andean nation.

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The Bolivian Road to Socialism

December 8, 2010 Mike Geddes 0

Source: Red Pepper Politics in the UK and the EU is likely to be dominated for the foreseeable future by massive cuts in public service provision. The furious demonstrations that have taken place in Greece […]

Ecuador’s Fickle Friend: Canada

December 8, 2010 Jennifer Moore 0
Critics of Canadian foreign policy see Canada’s delayed response to an attempted coup in Ecuador as a sign of uneasy relations. Despite President Rafael Correa’s public support for Canadian economic interests in recent years, they suggest Canada’s backing is by no means guaranteed. They pinpoint geopolitical and economic concerns as potential culprits.


Interview: Dr. William I. Robinson on Power, Domination and Conflicts in Mexico

December 8, 2010 Dawn Paley 0
As people from around the world dig their claws into the quarter million documents released by Wikileaks, the discussion around U.S. power is taking on new and sometimes unexpected dimensions. But the cables about the war in Mexico have yet to be fully released, and much media coverage of events there tend to frame the conflict as a “drug war.” Among the few analysts in the U.S. who are taking an analysis of what’s happening in Mexico to another level is Dr. William I. Robinson, a professor at the University of California – Santa Barbara.
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