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Honduras: Zelaya’s Safety Ensured by Ban on Pen Deliveries to Brazilian Embassy in Tegucigalpa

January 5, 2010 Belen Fernandez 0

All items entering the Brazilian embassy undergo police inspection, although the final say as to what gets through and what does not is generally left up to a military colonel; the fact that the delivery process is filmed by unidentified policemen in ski masks meanwhile hints at the existence of video footage of the confiscation of ballpoint pens by the self-appointed protectors of the embassy. […]

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Honduras: Entrenched Corruption Stymies Hope

January 5, 2010 Thelma Mejía 0

Corruption in Honduras has taken root at every level of the state, which is helpless to combat it because of the lack of credibility of most of its institutions, the erosion of social capital and the public perception that the problem is here to stay. […]

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