Towards the Reconstruction of the Country: The Constituent Assembly of Indigenous and Black People of Honduras

From February 21st to 23rd, the Constituent Assembly of Indigenous and Black People of Honduras  held a forum in San Juan Durugubuty. Called by the main civil society organizations of the country, the assembled communities sought to collect and systematize the proposals of the Garifuna people and of the seven indigenous groups of the country for a new Constitution.


Indigenous Zapatista Supporters “Held Hostage” in Chiapas for Opposing Ecotourism Project

March 30, 2011 Kristin Bricker 0
This past February 3, approximately 300 state police raided a meeting of indigenous Zapatista supporters in San Sebastian Bachajón, Chiapas, and arrested 117 people. The arrests sparked protests across Mexico and around the world, leading the Chiapas government to release the majority of the prisoners. However, five Tzeltal indigenous men, who are now known as the “Bachajón 5,” remain behind bars.

Solidarity and Rebellion in Chiapas: Reviewing Zapatista Spring

March 25, 2011 Dawn Paley 0

With his newest book Zapatista Spring, Ramor Ryan does us all a favour. After more than a decade participating in radical solidarity projects in Chiapas, Ryan has opened his notebook and shared his candid -and often humorous- reflections on working alongside the Zapatistas. The result is a unique and fun to read mix of narrative journalism, historical fiction, activism, documentary photography, and popular philosophy.


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