Book Review: Memory and Justice in Democratic Chile

May 31, 2011 Ramona Wadi 0

Reckoning with Pinochet delves into the memory question and the process through which memory became an essential part of Chilean culture. Drawing on the obvious split of loyalties within Chilean society, Stern vividly portrays the memory of both sides, bringing to light a conclusion which, despite the obvious, has the tendency to remain cloistered in a realm of its own.


Javier Sicilia

Mexico’s No More Bloodshed Movement (Video report)

May 27, 2011 Jason Wallach 0

On June 10, thousands of Mexican people will gather at the chaos-ridden border city of Juarez to build the next step of the growing “No mas sangre” (No More Bloodshed) movement. The plan to gather in Juarez stems from a six-point plan presented by Javier Sicilia and crew at a May 8 rally in Mexico City’s central square. This video report explains why Mexican folks are mobilizing, and why they have politicians shaking in their boots.


Casa de Arraigo

Presumed Guilty: Oaxaca Justice

May 24, 2011 Nancy Davies 0

Oaxaca’s new governor, Gabino Cue Monteagudo, holds the unhappy job of cleaning the Augean stables of crime and corruption. He is widely credited with honesty and decency, but initiating and promoting  profound change may require more than one generation.


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