‘A Poetic Concept of Identity’: An Interview with Mapuche Poet David Aniñir Guilitraro

October 14, 2011 Ramona Wadi 0

The culture of Mapuche poetry has evolved into three distinctive forms: traditional, intellectual and urban. David Aniñir Guilitraro, an urban Mapuche poet from Santiago, has created a literary realm which connects the history of the Mapuche struggle to the social problems which the people face today. Guilitraro describes his book, Mapurbe, as ‘a poetic concept of identity’ which harbors ‘revenge against everything’. 


Photo by Colorznshapes via flickr

The Year in Revolts: A South American Perspective of the Arab Spring

October 12, 2011 Cristina Cielo 0

In this year of growing popular protests worldwide, demands for political and economic equality have burst forth in the Middle East, Europe and even in the United States. Further south in the Americas, civil society organization over the past decade brought social movement leaders to state power and marginalized peoples’ rights to national agendas. In this interview, Uruguayan intellectual and journalist Raúl Zibechi gives us a South American perspective of the momentous changes taking place globally, through a focus on the inaugural mobilizations in the Middle East.


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