Mexican Indigenous Community Boycotts Elections

November 22, 2011 Ela Stapley 0

Since April, the indigenous town of Cherán, Mexico has been sealed off in a bid to protect its future. Local and federal authorities are not welcome, politicians even less so. Barricades at the entrance to the town are manned 24-hours a day and members of the community keep vigil around fires in the street.


Police arrest a woman on November 1st. Photo credit: Indignadxs de Juarez, Facebook.

Mexico: Police Beatings, Jail Time and Threats Won’t Deter Indignadxs de Juarez Activists

November 19, 2011 Dawn Paley 0

In Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, a group of activists from various organizations, collectives and political persuasions got together and decided that they too would organize in response to the call from Occupy Wall Street, under the name Indignadxs de Juarez.* They held two events to coincide with the call on October 15th, but were unable to set up a permanent, occupy-style camp.



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