Stratfor’s Myth in Mexico

The Zetas don’t have control of 17 federal entities in the country, as stated on the 8th of November 2011 by Cuitáhuac Salinas, head of the Office of Special Investigations in Organized Crime. Yet the security consultants Statfor practically reproduced the official version and assumed that the Zetas are a drug trafficking cartel, and the most powerful criminal group in the country.

Mexico: Tensions Flare over Canadian-owned Mine in Oaxaca

February 14, 2012 Dawn Paley 0

The mine, known locally by the name of its subsidiary Minera Cuzcatlán, went into production in late September 2011. Its opponents maintain that Fortuna Silver’s mine is the root of the social problems that plague the once peaceful region. In a press conference following the police shooting of Méndez Vásquez, mine opponents made it clear that they see a direct link between Fortuna Silver and the violence.


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