Mexico: Blood for Silver, Blood for Gold

March 31, 2012 Jonathan Treat 0

In the dry and dusty town of San José del Progreso south of Oaxaca, Mexico, a funeral was held on March 17 for a slain community leader who actively opposed a Canadian silver and gold mining project in his community. But in spite of the fear and intimidation,  anti-mining activists from San José together with other surrounding communities affected by the mine, will continue on in their resistance.



Peru: Cajamarca Protests Continue as Conga Gold Mine Awaits Green Light

“¡Agua sí! ¡Oro no! ¡Agua sí! ¡Oro no!” [Water yes! Gold no!] The chant vibrated through the thin Andean air as a regional demonstration against the Conga Gold Mine Project took place last Thursday to honor World Water Day. Thousands of residents of Cajamarca, Peru, gathered at the Laguna Azul, one of many high-altitude lakes on the proposed Conga Mine site, in effort to protect their water resources from exploitation and contamination.


Campesinos Refusing To Disappear: Guatemala’s Polochic Valley One Year After the Evictions

Juan lived in the village of Paraná until August, when for the second time in six months the private security forces of an international sugar company reduced his home to ashes and tilled his crops under to plant sugarcane. The Polochic Valley is now full of farmers, surrounded by a sea of sugarcane, who can’t afford to feed their children sugar. This snapshot is a telling example of what hunger and poverty look like today –according to the FAO, three-fourths of the people who experience food insecurity live in rural farming areas, –and the most recent round of dispossession in the Polochic dramatically illustrates the larger pattern of how small farmers become landless laborers.


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