Dr. Cesar Aliaga Diaz

Regional Peruvian Government Fights Conga Gold Mining: An Interview with Dr. César Aliaga Díaz

Dr. César Aliaga Díaz is the regional vice president of Cajamarca, Peru. His government has taken a central role in the fight to stop the proposed Conga Gold Mine, a $4.8 billion project owned by Denver-based Newmont Mining Corp. The mine will be located in Cajamarca’s Andean highlands, where five major headwaters originate and supply the region’s drinking water. If passed, Conga is set to become the biggest investment in Peru’s history and second-largest gold mine in the world.



Photo Essay: Indigenous, Peasant and Popular March arrives to Guatemala City

April 2, 2012 James Rodriguez 0

A photo essay of the marcher’s culminating protest. Movement leaders have issued a press statement, a “Declaration of the March for Resistance and Dignity, in Defense of the Earth and Territory,” in which they have made the demands for the legalization of community radio, an end to industrial mining and agricultural concessions and violence, and an end to government imposed agrarian debt – reiterations of longstanding grievances of the Indigenous and campesinos in Guatemala


Maria Galindo

Bolivian Radical Feminist Maria Galindo on Evo Morales, Sex-Ed, and Rebellion in the Universe of Women

Mujeres Creando is a radical feminist organization that has been confronting the patriarchalism of Bolivian society since the 1980’s.  During a recent visit, one of the founders, Maria Galindo, spoke with us about women’s rights, access to work, education, reproductive freedom and politics during the presidency of Evo Morales in Bolivia. We met in the restaurant of their small hotel and cultural center in the capital La Paz, while the Mujeres Creando radio station, broadcasting from another room, played on the speaker in the background. […]

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