‘Dirty War’ Tactic of Disappearances Reappears in Mexico

May 31, 2012 Cyril Mychalejko 0

The War on Drugs is becoming another “Dirty War” in Mexico, with the tactic of enforced disappearances reappearing as a commonplace occurrence in the country. “The refusal of the authorities to recognize the true dimensions of this phenomenon and the involvement of public officials in these crimes – whether by commission, omission, or collusion with organized crime groups – has enabled this crime to spread to many parts of the country,” stated Amnesty International.


The Pentagon Seeks to Regain the Initiative in South America

The recent visit by US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta to three South American countries, and the installation of a Southern Command base in Concón, Chile, show the deepening of the military presence of the Pentagon in the region. In Colombia he reaffirmed the mission of Plan Colombia, to export security to the countries of the region, in particular to Central America and Mexico; in Brazil he attempted to lure the country with promises, to bring the world’s sixth-largest economy closer to Washington’s orbit; and finally, in Chile his visit coincided with the opening of the first military base of the Southern Command in that country, specializing in urban warfare.


Wilmer Lucas Walter, 14, rests while recovering in a public hospital from the wounds caused during an attack involving U.S. helicopters in a DEA-supported anti-drug crackdown by Honduras police in Las Mosquitia region, in La Ceiba, Honduras, Sunday, May 20, 2012.

DEA-linked Deaths Show Faults in Central American Drug Plan

May 30, 2012 Allen Hines 0

Gunfire erupted from helicopters provided by the US State Department and carrying Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) trainers and Honduran police on May 11. The shots killed four Hondurans described by locals as fisherpeople. The killings have sparked outrage in the isolated coastal region. Government offices were burned, and residents have demanded the agency’s expulsion. The conflicting reports have prompted demands for a thorough investigation. “To keep an act of terror covered up in the midst of media confusion was always a strategy of psychological warfare, a special chapter of state terrorism,” wrote Honduran human rights group COFADEH.


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