Colombia: Indigenous Nasa Resist Militarization in Cauca

July 31, 2012 Gina Spigarelli 0

On July 11, the indigenous Nasa of Cauca, Colombia began confronting armed groups face to face while peacefully asking them to leave Nasa territories. They removed police trenches from the urban center and disassembled homemade FARC missiles found on their lands. On July 16, when the military had yet to retreat from indigenous lands by the proposed deadline of the previous day, the Nasa forcibly removed troops from El Berlin’s mountaintop base.


Photo Essay: National March Against the Imposition of Nieto as President in Mexico

July 31, 2012 Clayton Conn 0

Tens of thousands marched throughout major Mexican cities on July 21 to decry the outcome of the July 1 presidential elections, which gave Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) candidate Enrique Peña Nieto the win. The call to march came out of last weekend’s National Convention Against the Imposition. Spearheaded by the unions and the YoSoy132 student movement, the march was a rejection of what many call as an “imposition” of Nieto’s presidential win through voter buying and electoral fraud conducted by his once-ruling party the PRI.


Hemispheric Resistance to Canadian Mining

July 27, 2012 Sandra Cuffe 0

From Canada to Argentina, preparations are well underway for the Continental Day of Action Against Canadian Mega Resource Extraction on August 1. Participating organizations’ demands range from divestment to putting people before profit. Communities and organizers resisting extractive industry projects in Latin America continue to face displacement, harassment, threats, and death, often dismissed as part of unrelated violence and conflicts.


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