Building a New Society Through Education: Chronicle of El Salvador’s First International Literacy Brigade

Since 2010, El salvador’s Ministry of Education has eradicated illiteracy in six municipalities and hopes to declare the country’s illiteracy rate to be 4 percent or less by 2014.This summer, CISPES accompanied the NLP for three weeks – visiting dozens of community literacy circles, promoting the program on local and national media, and helping conduct a literacy census – as the first international volunteer brigade to answer the government’s call and support the literacy program.


Guatemala: Women’s Gathering in Defense of Water, Life and Territory

Miriam Plxtún of the Movement of Indigeous Women Tz ́ununija identified several major achievements of the gathering, including the importance of creating their own space for recognizing and strengthening the peaceful struggle in defense of territory and natural resources, the discussion of alternatives, and the effort to build cross-border alliances that spread information on the effects of mega-projects.


Army’s Former Sex Slaves Testify in Guatemala

September 28, 2012 Danilo Valladares 0

With her face covered, and with the support of a psychologist and a translator, a crying Rosa Pérez* told a court hearing this week that members of the army kidnapped her husband and turned her into a sex slave and servant in the Sepur Zarco military garrison in the municipality of El Estor in the northeastern province of Izabal. She and 14 other Q’eqchi Maya Indian women who were subjected to sexual and labour slavery between 1982 and 1986 testified at a preliminary hearing held this week in a court in the Guatemalan capital.


Left International Solidarity in Post-Coup Honduras

September 27, 2012 Tyler Shipley 0

Judging by the relative disinterest – in both the mainstream and left media in North America – towards the situation in Honduras, you would think that the crisis in this country was over.  Yet, almost everyone I have talked to in my most recent stay here has told me that the situation is grave; twice in one week alone, I was sitting with an activist in the movement when they received news of the assassination of one of their compañeros.


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