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Chile: Violence and Repression against the Mapuche Population

October 31, 2012 Rocío Alorda 0

“We are not only facing a political battle, but also an ancestral one, because the Mapuche community is fundamentally anti-capitalist,” said Millaray Huichalaf, a young machi of the Roble Carimallin sector. “That’s why any manner of organization is dangerous to this system. Today, we are rising up with clear conviction, with a political, social, and spiritual foundation, as an entire community.”


Honduras Truth Commission Releases Report about Coup-Related Violence and Repression

The Commission of Truth’s report identifies three patterns of human rights violations in the framework of the coup d’état: “1) repression of public protests, excessive use of force during repression by state security agents, and criminalization of public protest; 2) selective or directed repression to the detriment of persons considered by the de facto government to be destabilizing to the regime; and 3) institutional dysfunction according to the needs of the regime imposed by the coup d’état and to the detriment of the population.”


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