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Ecuador: Building a Good Life – Sumak Kawsay

The one thing that really stands out about these alternative proposals is that they have emerged from traditionally marginalized groups of people. They invite us to uproot various concepts that have assumed an uncontested status, and called us to question the homogenizing and all-encompassing capitalist structure. They are the voices of other men and women that from their otherness demand that Good Living be built and their ability to put forward ideas be recognized.


Constitutional Death Spiral in Honduras

How does a constitution die? In Honduras, it started with a coup in June 2009. Now, fast forward to January 2013: the Chief Justice of the Honduran Supreme Court is unable to seat a panel of five justices to review an appeal of the constitutionality of a law passed by the Congress. The reason? The law under review allowed Congress to remove four justices serving on the Supreme Court itself. The four people appointed to replace them, and a majority of the justices who were not dismissed, recused themselves from hearing the case because virtually everyone either was directly involved or had expressed an opinion in support of the dismissed justices.


Mexico: Voices from ‘Below and to the Left’ Say it’s the Time of Hope and Action for Movements

The representative of the National Indigenous Confederation of Ecuador (CONAIE), Severino Sharupi, assessed that the entry of his organization into state institutions and electoral processes had weakened them, even though they have achieved a new constitution and have ousted three presidents. Now, however, they have reactivated nationwide resistance against the extractive model promoted by President Rafael Correa.


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