Venezuelan Oppostion Turns to Violence in the Face of Election Defeat

April 18, 2013 Zoë Clara Dutka 0

On Monday night at least 7 people were killed, 61  injured, and many institutional buildings, including multiple public health clinics, were set ablaze by right-wing mobs all across Venezuela. These attacks were encouraged by Henrique Capriles’ call to action that reached a fiery pinnacle the day after his defeat in Sunday’s electoral race. His shouted to his followers to take to the streets and, “Take all of your hatred out, all your frustration, in the name of peace.”


Mexico: Airport Threatens Farmworkers Again in Atenco

April 17, 2013 Clayton Conn 0

Atenco became recognized worldwide in 2001-2002 for its struggle to defend and protect its land. Armed with sticks and machetes – their primary farm tool and icon of struggle – the ejidatarios had gone to the streets to protest and express their rage for not being consulted about the land procurements. The ejidatario’s accomplishment in stopping the international airport was celebrated by many as a victory against the encroachment of foreign capital that sought to eradicate the farmworker’s way of life.


Maduro Wins Venezuelan Presidential Election

April 15, 2013 Chris Carlson 0

Nicolas Maduro has won the Venezuelan presidential election with 50.66 percent of the vote against 49.07 percent for opposition candidate Henrique Capriles Radonski. Maduro gave a victory speech immediately after, while Capriles initially refused to recognize the results.


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