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Argentina: Millions Against Monsanto

Vanina Barboza Vaca from the Malvinas Assembly said that the town is a city “besieged” by fumigation, which has seen repeated spontaneous abortions, birth defects, cancer and respiratory diseases. “We know the evils of the model representing Monsanto. We also know that their promises are lies and so we refuse to allow them to install in our neighborhood 200 silos of transgenic seeds treated with agrotoxins,” warned Barboza Vaca.


US Embassy, DEA Obstructing Investigation into Drug War Killings in Honduras

More than a year has passed since a DEA-assisted drug war operation in the Honduran Moskitia killed four indigenous Miskitu civilians, and relatives of the victims are still looking for answers. Operating outside of Honduran chains of command, it remains unclear how Honduran state structures – particularly when evidence is destroyed during the operations by the DEA itself – can conduct thorough and reliable investigations leading to arrests and, ultimately, justice.


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