A Deal with the Devil? Argentina Reaches a Fracking Agreement with Chevron

August 13, 2013 Jorge Daniel Taillant 0

As new potential fracking investments appear on the horizon, so do community protests, mostly from indigenous groups fearing the same sort of environmental problems witnessed in other countries that ventured into non-conventional shale gas extraction. The Mapuche tribe of the Patagonia Region, where most of Argentina’s shale gas reserves lie at Vaca Muerta, are staunchly against fracking and insist that Argentina should uphold its commitments to ILO Convention 169, granting indigenous peoples the right of consultation before large investment projects move forward.


Latin America Lags on Reproductive Rights

August 10, 2013 Purnima Mane 0

In 2008, the annual rate of unsafe abortion estimated for the region was 31 abortions per 1,000 women aged 15-44. In 2008, 12 percent of all maternal deaths in Latin America and the Caribbean (1,100 in total) were due to unsafe abortions, according to the World Health Organisation. Abortion is only legal in six countries, and together, these countries account for less than five percent of the region’s women aged 15-44.


The Murder of Tomas Garcia by the Honduran Military

August 7, 2013 Brigitte Gynther 0

Tomas Garcia was a father of seven who would have turned 50 this December. He was a husband, father, brother, and community leader, serving as an auxiliar and on his community’s Indigenous Council. On Monday, July 15, his life was brutally taken away by the Honduran military when a soldier shot and killed him at close range in broad daylight in front of 200-300 people.


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