Elections in Bolivia: Interviews with Voters in the Streets and at the Polls

October 13, 2014 Benjamin Dangl 0

Today Bolivia went to the polls for a general election which is expected to grant victories to President Evo Morales and many other politicians in his Movement Toward Socialism (MAS) political party. (Update: Evo Morales has declared victory for a third term in office.) Here is a collection of brief interviews conducted today with voters from middle and working class neighborhoods in La Paz, Bolivia on how they voted and what they think of the MAS government.


Guatemalan Communities Reject Neoliberal Development Plan

October 10, 2014 Jeff Abbott 0

Life is difficult for the rural campesinos of Guatemala, but a set of neoliberal laws working its way through the Guatemalan congress will make life far more difficult. However, the coalition that defeated the Monsanto Law in the country has taken on this fight, and organized protests to demand for laws that assist rural farmers, not hurt them.


Why Evo Morales Will Likely Win Upcoming Elections in Bolivia

October 7, 2014 Benjamin Dangl 0

Evo Morales’ victory at the polls this Sunday is likely because of the progressive changes his government has brought about, as well as its ability to co-opt certain social movements and expand controversial but lucrative extractivist industries. This victory is all but assured in spite of these contradictions and tensions, but also because of them.


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Brazilian Elections: What Happens Next?

October 6, 2014 Sabrina Fernandes 0

While the radical left works to fix its own fragmentation, it must also consider what to do in relation to the final run-off between Rousseff (PT) and Neves (PSDB) at the end of the month. This has always been a delicate moment for those in opposition to the PT from a leftist standpoint, as strategic support and valid criticism have to be negotiated in order to deter support for the right-wing candidate.


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