Ecuador: Stop the Deportation of Manuela Picq

August 17, 2015 Marc Becker 0

Franco-Brazilian academic and journalist Manuela Picq has been arrested at an Indigenous march in Ecuador and is facing deportation. She was accompanying her partner at the march and pursuing journalistic investigation of the Indigenous movement. Update August 17th: Today a judge ruled Manuela Picq will not be deported from Ecuador.


Zapatista Communities: “Resistance and Rebellion Are Our Weapons”

August 12, 2015 Zapatistas 0

“We discovered that resistance is not only resisting one’s enemy, refusing its crumbs or leftovers. Resistance also means resisting the enemy’s threats and provocations…When we resist as a collective, it is done with discipline, that is, through agreement. We make an agreement regarding how we are going to deal with different types of problems…We have been developing this resistance for 20 years. At the beginning it was difficult…We began to see that resistance and rebellion gave our organization security and sustenance…We discovered that with resistance and rebellion we could govern ourselves and with resistance and rebellion we could develop our own initiatives…”


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