The Many Brazils in the World-System

November 25, 2015 Immanuel Wallerstein 0

Brazil is a major world power – in terms of size, population, and influence. Yet in many ways it is a combination of so many different and contradictory faces that it is hard for anyone, including Brazilians themselves, to know how to define Brazil’s characteristics as a nation and as a force in the world-system.


Argentina: Mauricio Macri’s Dubious Dictatorship Ties

November 25, 2015 Heather Gies 0

The election of Mauricio Macri in Argentina’s presidential race comes as a welcome victory to the country’s business elite and right-wing parties across Latin America, but the president-elect has some dubious ties that could signal a lasting legacy in the new head of state of darker times in Argentina.


“The Power to Defend Our Territory:” Indigenous Communities Win Consulation Law in Guatemala

November 19, 2015 Jeff Abbott 0

The Ixil communities’ victory against the expansion of hydro in their territory comes after a campaign by the communities to protect their rights as indigenous peoples to prior consultation in Guatemala’s courts. Furthermore, this victory, as well as other victories, sets a precedent that companies must consult communities, and receive the community’s consensus prior to any project.


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