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The Uncertainty of Elections in Bolivia

October 31, 2005 Boris Rios 0

Evo Morales

According to the Bolivian constitution, interim president Eduardo Rodriguez must hold national elections within a timeframe of no more than 180 days from the start of his presidency last June. The realization of these elections, however, remains up in the air due to a recent ruling by Bolivia‘s constitutional court. Conflicts surrounding the distribution of congressional seats are now putting elections, scheduled for December 4th, at risk and bringing the country to the brink of a new crisis.


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Bolivia on a Tightrope (6/8/05)

October 18, 2005 Benjamin Dangl 0

On June 6th 2005, after months of steady road blockades and protests demanding the nationalization of the country’s natural gas reserves, President Carlos Mesa offered his resignation to congress, explaining he was incapable of presiding […]

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Crisis in Bolivia (3/24/05)

October 18, 2005 Kathryn Ledebur 0

On May 6, President Carlos Mesa caught Bolivia off-guard. He announced that as a result of continual protests and growing blockades, he was no longer willing to, "govern based on the crazy things different sectors […]

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Roadblocks to Bolivian Elections

The road to Bolivian elections, scheduled for December fourth, is becoming increasingly fraught with obstacles. With Carlos Mesa’s resignation and the inauguration of Supreme Court head, Eduardo Rodriguez, as interim president last June, a hard fought political agreement was reached to move up national elections, originally to take place in 2007. That journey, however, recently hit a large roadblock as a new Bolivian Constitutional Court ruling threatens to delay elections. […]

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“Gringo, Go Home!” (12/15/03)

October 16, 2005 Benjamin Dangl 0

Historically, Bolivia’s natural resources such as gold, tin, and coal have been exploited by foreign investors who made enormous profits while most Bolivians remained impoverished. In the Gas War, many Bolivians tried to defend one […]

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