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The Militarization of the World’s Urban Peripheries

February 13, 2008 Raúl Zibechi 0

Urban peripheries have become war zones where states attempt to maintain order based on the establishment of a sort of "sanitary cordon" to keep the poor isolated from "normal" society. What can come of the isolation and militarization of the places where a third of the world’s population live? […]

Brazil: Films, Music as Damage Control in Prisons

December 27, 2007 Fabiana Frayssinet 0

Cultural activities in Brazilian jails these days include film screenings, live bands and libraries with shelves packed with books — part of an attempt to combat the consequences of the appalling living conditions in prison."So far, I think we’re managing to limit some of the damage. Because we know that we’re fighting a very cruel system," rapper Marcelo Yuka, who likes to define art as "a mirror of society." […]

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Brazil’s Landless Movement Sets Sights on Nationalization

December 12, 2007 Juan Reardon 0

Occupation of train tracks

Brazil lags far behind her left-leaning neighbors in government initiatives that bring privatized national resources back into the public domain. In recent months, however, Brazil’s Landless Workers’ Movement (MST) and other groups have launched mass actions that demand similar moves toward national resource sovereignty. […]

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