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Colombia Border Trouble: Uribe Diverting Attention From Humanitarian Accord, Targetting Venezuela

March 5, 2008 Micheal O'Tuathail 0

To understand the current crisis in Northern South America, it is important to recognize what most books and classes on Colombia state from the outset: the geopolitical importance of Colombia to the interests of the United States in the region. In recent years, Colombia has been recognized as one of the last and most hard-line outposts of neoliberalism in Latin America. […]

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Uribe’s Colombia Destabilizing Latin America

Raul Reyes

A few weeks after the Ecuadorian and Venezuelan state called on the Colombian government to respect the need for peace and negotiation with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People’s Army (FARC-EP), the administration of Álvaro Uribe Vélez (2002-2010) supported an extensive armed air and land assault against the insurgency movement – not within Colombia’s borders but rather on the sovereign territory of Ecuadorian soil.


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Colombian Military Incursion Into Ecuador Sparks Regional Crisis

March 4, 2008 Daniel Denvir 0

Correa, Chavez, Uribe

The move against the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) was immediately denounced by leaders across Latin America as an attack on Ecuador’s territorial sovereignty. These two central facts—that Colombia initiated the crisis and that the attack was widely condemned—would be hard to glean from the pages of The New York Times and other major U.S. media. […]

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The Cost of Power: Coal Mining and Human Rights in Colombia

First of all, I would thank the organizations that allowed me, Orlando Acosta, a representative of the workers in the mining and energy sector in Colombia, to discuss the impact of North American, Swiss, and [South] African multinationals on these countries that are full of wealth, and go there with the objective of taking away resources, with no regard for communities and the people of Colombia. […]

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Colombia Assassinates Raul Reyes of FARC

March 3, 2008 Justin Podur 0

Uribe and Bush

The second-in-command of FARC, "Raul Reyes" was killed by the Colombian military in bombings in Ecuador on Saturday, March 1st.  The Venezuelan government’s official communication noted that the assassination was "a very hard blow against the humanitarian accord and the possibility of negotiations…" […]

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Civil Wars North and South: Perspectives on Colombia from the US Civil War

February 4, 2008 Paul Wolf 0

Despite hundreds of thousands of casualties in the last sixty years alone, the Colombian government denies the existence of an insurgency within its borders.  Too weak to seize power, but too strong to defeat, the rebels have now been recognized by neighboring Venezuela as belligerent armies.  A review of the application of International Humanitarian Law to the U.S. Civil War provides a surprising perspective.  […]

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