Miners break down extracted rocks manually with hammers.

Small-Scale Miners in Nariño Face Crackdown as Foreign Companies Set Sights on Colombia

April 11, 2012 Leah Gardner 0

Police arrived at the Santa Isabel mine in Colón-Génova on February 21, 2012. The officers asked these local miners to attend a meeting to see if they could sort out their licensing request; However, when the roughly twenty-five miners arrived, they were read their rights and arrested. Miners and rural social movements allied with the miners, believe that this is part of a federal government strategy to phase out informal mining and pave the way for foreign multinationals. “We are seeing the criminalization of artisanal mining in this country,” says organizer Luz Mila Ruana.


Colombia: Despite Diverting of the River, Movement Against Quimbo Dam Vows to Grow Stronger

March 5, 2012 Polinizaciones 0

Nearly 300 hundred campesinos, indigenous, students and youth faced off with riot police at the construction sites entrance near the damaged Paso del Colegio Bridge closing off traffic to the entrance of the site, eventually marching to the national highway. At the same time around 90 fisher-people up river of the dam site occupied the tunnel and surrounding beaches until they were apprehended and detained for some time before being released.



The Hidrosogamoso Dam: Communities pay the high price of hydro-electric power in Colombia

January 31, 2012 James Bargent 0

At first sight, the small town of La Playa in the department of Santander in Colombia seems gripped by a minor boom. Its population has rocketed while new residential buildings, shops and small bars blaring out loud music have sprung up all over town. Yet the growth does nothing to mask the pervading atmosphere of desperation and frustration among its long-term residents, brought on by living with the uncertainty of whether there will even be a town in the future.


Regional Strike Paralyzes Hydroelectric Project in Colombia

January 19, 2012 Polinizaciones and ASOQUIMBO 0

The three main demands of the strike are that the environmental licenses for the Quimbo Hydroelectric Project and Emerald Energy be immediately suspended, public environmental hearings be held for the project in affected communities and for multinational corporation Emgesa to immediately repair the Paso del Colegio Bridge and other highways that have been damaged while working on the Quimbo project.


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