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Cuba: For the Love of Libros – A Book Fair and a Fortress

March 5, 2009 Marina Sitrin 0

Imagine yourself in front of a 16th century fortress facing the Malecon in Old Havana, Cuba. The fortress occupies a vast expanse of land with a wall that extends the length of the fortress, surrounded by a deep moat, once legend to have been filled with crocodiles. The fortress is comprised of underground tunnels, old dungeons and hundreds of ancient cannons. It is rumored to have been built to resist pirates, buccaneers and corsairs. […]

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Cuba: Raúl Castro’s Challenges

February 19, 2008 Dalia Acosta 0

(IPS) – Lacking the charisma of his brother but possessing a personality that is perhaps easier for the average Cuban to identify with, Raúl Castro, slated to replace Fidel as Cuba’s new president, will have […]

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Chile: Police Kill Mapuche Youth in Land Conflict

January 10, 2008 Benjamin Witte 0

In Chile, on January 2, approximately 30 members of the Yupeco-Vilcun community attempted to occupy a farm located some 20 miles south-west of Temuco, the regional capital. There they were met by armed Carabineros, who fired on the activists, killing 22-year-old Universidad de la Frontera agronomy student Matías Valentín Catrileo Quezada. […]

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Cuba: Innovation Gives Boost to Small Farmers

January 9, 2008 Dalia Acosta 0

Farmer Mario García

Cuban small farmers are strengthening their traditional ties with the land through a farming project that links scientific know-how with ancestral techniques and encourages greater local autonomy in decision-making on food production. […]

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