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Photo Essay – Tragedy in Honduras: Army Shoots and Kills Protesters

July 6, 2009 James Rodriguez 0

On the day when ousted President Manuel Zelaya was slated to return, thousands of supporters gathered at the Pedagogica University in order to march towards Toncontin Airport. Meanwhile, at the airport, some gathered early to await Mel’s arrival despite the suffocating presence of Honduran security forces. It is estimated that at least 100,000 people marched towards Toncontin Airport to welcome “Mel”. […]

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Video Reports: Honduras Under Siege, Clashes Turn Deadly

July 6, 2009 The Real News 0

The military coup government of Roberto Micheletti is coming under increasing economic pressure to concede power, whether from holds on US humanitarian aid and World Bank loan money or the sealing of the borders by all three neighbors. The Honduran military has thwarted an attempt by Manuel Zelaya, the ousted president, to fly back to the country, as clashes between his supporters and security forces turned deadly.


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Honduras: Regime Faces International Isolation

July 1, 2009 Thelma Mejía* 0

Manuel Zelaya

In the midst of the international isolation faced by the new government named by the Honduran Congress to replace President Manuel Zelaya who was ousted Sunday, the courts issued an arrest warrant for the leader Tuesday. Attorney General Luís Rubí told a press conference that the arrest warrant was based on 18 charges, including abuse of power, contempt of court and corruption. If Zelaya returns to Honduras, "as he has announced, have no doubt that we will arrest him," he said. […]

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Showdown in Honduras: The Rise, Repression and Uncertain Future of the Coup

June 29, 2009 Benjamin Dangl 0

Worldwide condemnation has followed the coup that unseated President Manuel Zelaya of Honduras on Sunday, June 28. Nation-wide mobilizations and a general strike demanding that Zelaya be returned to power are growing in spite of increased military repression. One protester outside the government palace in Honduras told reporters that if Roberto Micheletti, the leader installed by the coup, wants to enter the palace, "he had better do so by air" because if he goes by land "we will stop him." […]

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Honduras: Old Coup Strategy, Different Stage

June 29, 2009 Michael Fox 0

The Presidential residence is surrounded; the president is kidnapped and flown out of the country. Thousands take to the streets, but the mainstream television stations report nothing. No, this is not Venezuela in 2002. Nor is it Haiti, 2004. It’s Honduras, 2009, but roughly the same story is once again being told, on a different stage with different actors. But that difference could mean everything.


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Military Coup Underway in Honduras

Troops have arrested President Manuel Zelaya this morning, the day that Hondurans were to vote in a referendum to change the constitution to allow him to run for another term. The apparent coup comes four days after Zelaya fired the chief of the armed forces for refusing to assist in carrying out the referendum. Zelaya was reportedly put on a plane to Costa Rica, where he may be now. […]

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Working Hard, Drinking Hard: On Violence and Survival in Honduras

August 21, 2008 Adrienne Pine 0

Human rights abuses, whether they are carried out by private security guards working for companies owned by the leaders of the 1980s death squad "Battalion 316," by the underpaid and poorly-trained police force, or by maquiladora owners, are inseparable from structural adjustment programs being imposed by the IMF and World Bank, with no democratic involvement on the part of the Honduran people. […]

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Honduras: Garifuna Resistance to Mega-Tourism in Tela Bay

August 6, 2008 James Rodriguez 0

Garifuna communities have managed to survive numerous perils over the last 400 years: slavery, military aggressions by several European nations, forced migrations and natural disasters, among others. Nevertheless, the socio-political and economic interests of our globalized world may pose the greatest threat yet. […]

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