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Blood for Gold: The Human Cost of Canada’s ‘Free Trade’ With Honduras

November 13, 2014 Sandra Cuffe 0

The Canadian government has been on a roll promoting the interests of Canadian extractive industry corporations in Honduras in the five years since democratically elected president Manuel Zelaya was ousted in a June 2009 coup d’état. Development aid, embassy resources and foreign affairs programming have all helped set the stage for new legislation conducive to Canadian corporate interests, and a new bilateral free trade agreement provides protection for their investments.


Film Review: ‘Revolutionary Medicine – A Story of the First Garifuna Hospital’

September 13, 2014 Jim Sugiyama 0

Rudolf Virchow, a German doctor and one of the founders of social medicine, once stated, “Medicine is politics writ large.” In telling the story of the first Garifuna hospital, Revolutionary Medicine renders this wisdom both tangible and feasible. It should be required viewing for all medical students around the world. And for the rest of us, amongst the increasingly marginalized 99 percent, Revolutionary Medicine should rekindle the oft-forlorn hope of a better, fairer world, in the purest vision of Marx.


Puerto Castilla, Honduras: Corporate and Military Interests Above Garífuna Community Survival

June 25, 2014 Greg McCain 0

Six children from the community of Puerto Castilla, Trujillo, suffered severe respiratory damage resulting from an attack carried out on May 23, 2014 by the Honduran National Police, Military Police, and in conjunction with the Operation Xatruch III military unit. Hundreds of tear gas canisters were fired into the community in a haphazard manner as a means of dispersing a peaceful protest. After inundating the town with tear gas, the roughly 500 security force members entered the community, dousing anyone within reach with pepper spray.


Sex Workers Take to the Streets in Honduras to Protest Murders and Discrimination

June 9, 2014 Sandra Cuffe 0

Cries for justice rang out in the streets of the Honduran capital on June 2 as several dozen women of all ages, some with young children in tow, had gathered in a nearby park that morning in preparation for the march. Some donned masks, with multi-colored feathers waving in the air. All wore t-shirts with a message written clearly on the back in pink lettering: We demand the recognition of sex work.


“Here the People Govern’: Autonomy and Resistance in San Francisco Opalaca, Honduras

May 25, 2014 Brigitte Gynther 0

Every day and night for four consecutive months, the Lenca people of San Francisco Opalaca have been maintaining a 24-hour blockade and vigil at the entrance to their Mayor’s office, thus preventing the ruling party-imposed candidate from taking office. The Honduran government claims National Party candidate Socorro Sanchez won the Mayoral race in Opalaca during last November’s elections. However,  the people of Opalaca know otherwise.


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