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Police Brutality in Atenco, Mexico

May 7, 2006 John Gibler, ZNet 0

San Salvador Atenco, Mexico—At 7 AM this past Wednesday, May 3rd, state police blocked 60 flower vendors from setting up their stands at the Texcoco local market in the State of Mexico, about 20 miles east of Mexico City. The police beat and arrested those who resisted.


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A Day Without Gringos

May 3, 2006 0

At May Day in Mexico City 200.000 workers spilled out of the city’s famous Zocalo into surrounding streets. This year’s theme obviously centered on the plight of Mexico’s 26,000,000 countrymen and women living abroad in […]

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Mexico Seeks Political Parity for Indigenous

April 10, 2006 Cyril Mychalejko 0

Mexico has redrawn its congressional districts to increase the number of Indian lawmakers. Mexico’s indigenous have long been under-represented politically and have suffered socially and economically as a result. According to the Fox Administration there will […]

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Mexico’s “Dirty” Past

March 1, 2006 Cyril Mychalejko 0

The Mexican government committed genocide and crimes against humanity that included rape, murder, kidnapping and a scorched earth campaign during the Mexico’s "dirty war", a government campaign against suspected leftist guerrillas, activists and in reality, […]

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