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P-MAS in Paraguay: Young Socialists Build a New Party from the Ground Up

September 8, 2008 Clifton Ross 0

The Party of the Movement Toward Socialism (P-MAS), has become a force to be reckoned with on the political stage of Paraguay. P-MAS is one of Latin America’s newest Socialist parties — it’s barely two years old, and the average age of its members is 25 — but it has already hit the radar screen of those following the political processes of Latin America. […]

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Lugo Faces First Challenges: Coup Plots and the Multi-Ring Political Circus of Paraguay

September 2, 2008 Clifton Ross 0

Very few who followed the political circus in Paraguay over the past two weeks were surprised when President Fernando Lugo announced that ex-General Lino Oviedo and ex-President Nicanor Duarte Frutos were plotting a coup d’etat. Lugo won the presidency in a contest between Colorado Party candidate Blanca Ovelar and ex-General Oviedo on April 20th and, on August 15, Nicanor Duarte stepped down from the post as Lugo was sworn in. […]

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Asunción’s Bañados Neighborhood: The Power of Community in Paraguay

August 28, 2008 Raúl Zibechi 0

Asunción (Wikipedia)

It has been nearly half a century since the Bañados area (Spanish for marshy wetlands) was a swamp upon where the Paraguay River dumped its waters during rainy seasons. It was also Asunción’s garbage dump. Today, it is one of the most populous neighborhoods, where extreme poverty has become tolerable thanks to incredible solidarity. […]

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Dispatch From Paraguay: Hope Reigns at Dawn of Fernando Lugo Presidency

August 20, 2008 Clifton Ross 0

Lugo Addresses Crowd

At the inauguration of president Fernando Lugo, the central plaza in Asunción, Paraguay was full of the people who brought Lugo to power, including the indigenous and campesinos from distant parts of the country. Lugo summed up the sentiments of his supporters: "I refuse to live in a country where some can’t sleep because of fear and others can’t sleep because they’re hungry." […]

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