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The Neoliberal Crusade For Resources on Indigenous Lands in the Peruvian Amazon

October 19, 2009 Jamie Way 0

Despite the repeal of Peruvian President Alan Garcia’s controversial executive decrees, it appears as though the Amazon is still very much for sale. Earlier this year, violent demonstrations erupted over Garcia’s decrees that attempted to open Peru to foreign (read: extractive) investment in accordance with its free trade agreement with the U.S.  Although the violence has resided for the time being, the larger underlying issues are far from resolved. Moreover, the neoliberal tendency of taking advantage of indigenous resources is evolving into more complex and duplicitous forms.


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Moving Forward: The Fourth Continental Summit of Indigenous Peoples

June 9, 2009 Marc Becker 0

Five thousand Indigenous peoples from across the Americas gathered in the Peruvian highland city of Puno during the last week of May for the Fourth Continental Summit of Indigenous Peoples and Nationalities of Abya Yala. The meeting ended with a massive plenary session that approved resolutions providing alternatives to the capitalist crisis that western civilization is currently experiencing. […]

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Massacre in Peru: Photo Essay and Dispatch on the Bloody Conflict

June 8, 2009 Catapa 0

The enduring conflict in Northern Peru between the Peruvian government and indigenous inhabitants of the Amazon have led to violent confrontations on Friday, June 5. According to different sources, between 30 and 84 deaths are reported, and more than 100 were wounded when the security forces tried to stop a roadblock by using violent force. […]

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50 Days of Protest and One Massacre in the Peruvian Amazon

June 6, 2009 Ben Powless 0

Many Indigenous groups, human rights organizations, and environmental groups have called for Peruvian President Alan Garcia to step down and have also issued calls for demonstrations at Peruvian embassies around the world "until the bloodbath is stopped and the legislative decrees for the Free Trade Agreement with the United States are repealed." […]

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The Rainforest’s Cry: Amazon Uprising and Opposing Perspectives of Development in Peru

The indefinite strike called on April 9 by the Amazon’s indigenous people has become a central concern for Peru’s principal state powers because petroleum headquarters have been seized, riverways blocked, highways picketed, and demonstrations displaying spears and banners have called for the repeal of 10 legislative decrees that they consider dangerous for the rainforest, as well as their communities. […]

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Mining Co. Bailout Eclipses Environmental Disaster in Peru

April 13, 2009 Milagros Salazar 0

(IPS)The Peruvian government refused to bail out the U.S. mining and metallurgical company Doe Run, which has caused severe pollution in the highlands city of La Oroya, from its severe financial troubles, but private banks did. An economic solution thus prevailed over the urgent need to protect the health of residents of La Oroya, who have no choice but to continue breathing the toxic fumes of the company’s large multi-metal smelter. […]

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