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Venezuela’s ALBA in the face of the Global Economic Crisis

December 29, 2008 Jodie Neary 0

In response to the G20 Summit in Washington D.C. last month, Chavez established an equivalent, the ALBA (Bolivarian Alternative of the Americas) Summit in Caracas in November. This 6-member group represents an alternative vision to neoliberal economics, one with a socialist agenda in trade relations attempting to re-embed ‘the social’ back into economic and political relations in the region. […]

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Latin America: The War on Democracy – Documentary Online

October 8, 2008 John Pilger 0

Chavez & Pilger Meet

The War on Democracy is John Pilger’s first major film for the cinema – in a career that has produced more than 55 television documentaries. Set in Latin America and the US, it explores the historic and current relationship of Washington with countries such as Venezuela, Bolivia and Chile.


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Revolution! New Book Charts Roller Coaster Ride of South American Left

September 8, 2008 Benjamin Dangl 0

Throughout the past eight years of the Bush administration, North and South America have politically and economically been heading in opposite directions. While Bush waged wars, curtailed civil liberties and spread neoliberalism, South Americans stopped corporate looting, ousted corrupt presidents and developed economies for people instead of profit. Journalist Nikolas Kozloff’s new book, Revolution! South America and the Rise of the New Left looks behind the scenes and politics of this changing continent. […]

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Venezuela: Creating an Endogenous Cooperative Culture

September 4, 2008 April Howard 0

Since 1998, the government of President Hugo Chavez has embarked on wide ranging projects to redistribute Venezuelan resources and services. A focus on educating Venezuelans to form state supported cooperatives has created over 227,000 new cooperatives since 1999. A look at pre-Chavez coops and the growth of coops over the last eight years in Venezuela shows the challenge of managing this exploding sector which now accounts for 14% of the country’s GDP. […]

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